One program we started at Pictometry was the idea that for any County Customer that stayed current with Pictometry imagery, if a disaster struck their area, we would capture post-event imagery and provide it to the County FOR FREE. That’s right. Free.

There were a number of reasons for this. First, we knew how tough it was for Counties to appropriate funds, especially at a time when all was in chaos. Second, we preferred to be able to help out communities in need, not profit off of them. This mentality had started with the aftermath of 9/11 when we flew Ground Zero for free in order to help with the recovery efforts and has continued through to this day.

There was a very nice article in the Democrat and Chronicle today (9/17/2017) regarding those efforts in Texas and Florida following hurricanes Harvey and Irma, respectively. And both of my former office mates are quoted heavily in the article. Frank Giuffrida and I shared an office in the early days of Pictometry when I was Chief Technology Officer and he was Chief of Engineering. Frank has taken over my old roles as well since I’d left after Pictometry was acquired by EagleView. In addition, the article talks about the work done at RIT’s Center for Imaging Science and includes quotes from Carl Salvaggio. Carl and I shared an office when we were both working at the Center in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

I am still peripherally involved with both groups and have even helped bring together some of the joint research efforts by EagleView and Imaging Science, so it makes me proud to see the fruits of those efforts. And as someone who fought hard to keep the company offices in Henrietta, it also makes me proud to see my town’s name blazoned across the front page of the news section. One of my goals as Town Supervisor is to help keep more start-ups from RIT within the town. Too many leave for offices elsewhere. I believe we can change that and spur real job growth.

Henrietta company’s aerial imaging technology helps hurricane victims