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Steve SchultzBackground and Education

Stephen L. Schultz was born in the Town of Tonawanda, a suburb of Buffalo, to Martin and Dolly Schultz. His father worked for Pennsylvania Railroad and his mother was a stay at home mom then picking up part time office work once all the children were in school. Steve became involved in Junior Achievement, and in his second year, his company won Company of the Year and he was named Executive of the Year.

In 1980, Steve was accepted to RIT for computer science and became heavily involved as a student. He was on the executive board for Computer Science House, an officer in the Residence Halls Association, a representative for Student Directorate, the writer of the constitution that created a more representative Student Government, the founder of the modern Corner Crew hockey fan group, and a writer, editor, and eventually editor in chief of Reporter Magazine. After running out of money in his third year, Steve began working full-time and schooling part-time, finishing his degree one course per quarter.

Founding of Pictometry

In 1985 Steve began working at the Center for Imaging Science at RIT. He worked there for 11 years before leaving to start an aerial imaging company, Pictometry. He create all of the technology upon which the company was based, both hardware and software, and in the process, was awarded over 85 patents for his inventions.

The main customers of Pictometry were county and local governments, allowing them to be more productive and to save taxpayer dollars. It is widely used in 9-1-1 Call Centers, assessor offices, and city planning offices. The software and images are in most major 9-1-1 Call Centers across America, including right here in Monroe County where their integration of Pictometry and other advancements in the office, won them national recognition for being a leader in modern 9-1-1 call response.

Life-Saving Technology

Pictometry technology is used by police and fire departments to help them locate the incident and to assess the situation before they arrive on the scene. This has saved lives along the way, including a snowmobiler who had crashed in a remote field and was severely injured. But he made a cell phone call and the 9-1-1 operator was able to use Pictometry imagery to pinpoint his location and find an access road out to him so that emergency crews could get there in time to treat him.

PictometryIn Atlanta, after Brian Nichols overpowered a bailiff, took a hostage, and barricaded himself in an apartment, the SWAT department was able to use Pictometry to get nearby residents out and SWAT officers in without being seen by the gunman. By the time the SWAT officers made their presence known, the gunman was completely surrounded and he surrendered without firing a shot. The SWAT commander on the scene credited Pictometry with saving many lives that day.

High Tech Startups

The Pictometry board merged and sold the company but Steve did not agree with the direction the new CEO was taking the company. Steve refused to compromise his beliefs and as a result, he was forced to take a buyout. He took his proceeds from the sale and began investing in a number of high tech start-ups.

His largest investment is in Tokenize, an RIT Incubator company that makes a device to provide better security and multifactor authentication to help protect a person’s identity in an increasingly digital world. Steve has also made investments in Wavio, an RIT Incubator company that makes devices to translate sounds in homes for deaf and hard of hearing individuals, TireAudit, a Silicon Valley company using imaging techniques to diagnose tire wear, and GlobalFlyte, an Air Force Research Lab development partner making hardware and software to assist first responders. Whenever Steve invests in a company, he pushes to bring some of those new jobs to Henrietta.

Giving to the Community

In addition to using the proceeds of the Pictometry sale for investment into start-ups, Steve and his wife, Vicki, have made a large number of charitable gifts. As a life-long hockey fan, they made the initial gift for RIT’s new hockey rink, the Gene Polisseni Center, naming the Hall of Fame after Steve’s parents. They also endowed a scholarships at RIT, either helping existing students stay at RIT or helping Rochester City School students afford to attend RIT.

Steve and Vicki have supported the Rochester anti-poverty initiative, with major gifts to the Action for a Better Community and to the United Way, with the stated goal of working to break the chains of poverty, not just ease the burden. And when the Golisano Children’s Hospital was expanding, Steve and Vicki made a donation to fully equip one of the new NICU rooms.

Steve and Vicki are also involved in the community beyond their donations. Vicki has been heavily involved in producing the annual Rochester Children’s Book Festival and will be chairing it this year. Steve has been a member of the RIT Board of Trustees, although he just resigned from the board to avoid any potential conflicts of interest with his campaign for Henrietta Town Supervisor. As an alumnus, he still advises the RIT Student Government and the Computer Science House.

The Schultz Family: Vicki, Steve, Skyler, and Hayden

The Schultz Family
Vicki, Steve, Skyler, and Hayden
(and Ty the shepherd)

From Family Man to Candidate

Steve lives with Vicki, his wife of 15 years, and their two sons, Skyler, 13, and Hayden, 11, on a rural property West Henrietta surrounded by horse farms. When Steve was looking to build a new home, he looked at no other town than Henrietta. When Pictometry was building a new office, he fought repeatedly to keep it here in Henrietta. He loves Henrietta and hated seeing what was happening in Town Hall.

And so, even though it meant being able to spend less time at home, he decided he could no longer be on the sidelines watching the very character of our town change with green space and farmlands disappearing at an alarming rate and with the bigotry and corruption coming from the supervisor. After announcing his interest in running, the Henrietta Democratic Committee invited him to contest for the Democratic Party nomination. He received their endorsement, successfully petitioned to be on the primary ballot, and when the other candidate failed to properly petition to be on the ballot, officially became the Democratic nominee for Henrietta Town Supervisor.

Steve is not just another politician. He is an accomplished businessman and leader who can work with people from all political parties and all walks of life and work to come up with the best solutions to the problems facing this town as it continues to grow. He is honored to have this opportunity to serve you, his constituents.

Cofounded Pictometry in 1996

Brought 250+ jobs to Henrietta

Donated over $1 million total to Golisano Children’s Hospital, RIT, United Way, and more

Holds 80+ patents

Invests in and advises high tech start-ups

Built family home in West Henrietta

Served on RIT Board of Trustees

Advises RIT Student Government and the Computer Science House

Worked for RIT from 1985 through 1996

Has two sons: Skyler, 13, and Hayden, 11

Published numerous articles

Trust • Transparency • Vision


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