Helping Counties with Post-Disaster Imagery

The company I co-founded and the academic research department I helped grow are working together to help communities suffering from hurricanes recover. Pictometry, now EagleView, flew aerial imagery over Texas and Florida and provided that imagery to the counties to help in their recovery and restoration efforts, and RIT Center for Imaging Science has developed technology that helps automate the analysis of the imagery.

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Stop Wasting Our Money

“I can’t promise you your taxes would never go up if I were town supervisor, but I can promise you that I will not waste your tax dollars like Jack has been doing.”

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2017 Election Candidates

Henrietta Dems introduce 2017 election candidates by WHAM Thursday, April 13th 2017 Steve Schultz, founder of Pictometry International, will run for the position of town supervisor. (Photo: HDC) Henrietta, N.Y. (WHAM) – The Henrietta Democratic Committee announced...

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