Trust • Transparency • Vision STEVE SCHULTZ


“Now is our time to restore trust, to insist on fiscal responsibility,
and to lay out and then execute a real vision for our future.”

– Steve Schultz –


“There are very few people that I have met in my life that I believe have true genius. Steve Schultz is one of them. But genius without mission and vision can be wasted. I worked with Steve for over 10 years and found him to have both. He is a problem solver, a leader, and a passionate and caring advocate in everything he does.”
Richard A. Kaplan, CEO  CurAegis Technologies Inc
"As a conservative leaning Republican with concerns for economy, taxes, public safety, and the second amendment, you might be surprised that I'll be voting for a Democrat this fall. But Steve Schultz is someone who always looks at all sides of an issue and tries to figure out the best solution needed at that time. He is caring, diplomatic, and someone I trust. He can truly make Henrietta better for all of us."
Robert Peckham,  Conservative Republican Henrietta resident
" I have considered Steve a god friend and have worked beside him for over 20 years - the majority of time when he was CTO and I was Senior Vice President of Operations at Pictometry.  During this time I have found him to be dedicated, conscientious, brilliant and a team player.  What I have respected most about Steve is that over the years we have both shared the same principles about public safety and law and order."
Scott Hill, Captain (retired) Rochester Police Department
"I first met Steve in the 80's when he was a leader in Student Government.  Steve was a leader and change agent for the students, keeping their interests at the forefront.  I have enjoyed reconnecting and working together with Steve this past decade.  His tenacity and drive have intensified in the years since I first worked with him.  I know that Steve will be an excellent advocate for the interests of the residents of Henrietta.  I enthusiastically endorse him for Town Supervisor."
Thomas F. Judson, Jr. , Chairman The Pike Companies
"As a private citizen I am very pleased to endorse Steve Schultz for the position as Town Supervisor. I have known him since he was a Computer Science student at RIT where he was one of the most brilliant students I have ever known. He has excellent leadership skills and leads by example. Steve is highly ethical, hardworking, and a good communicator. He always puts service above self and is fair in all of his decisions and dealings. Most of all Steve is a person who gets results by taking a team approach and allowing the best ideas to come to the surface. He has demonstrated his skills in everything he's done, from starting the corner crew at the RIT hockey games to managing a very successful company in Henrietta: Pictometry. The people of Henrietta would be wise to choose Steve as their town leader."
Dr. Barry Culhane 
“Steve is a brilliant business leader. As the founder of Pictometry, he helped grow and direct this company into a major employer in Henrietta. As this town grows it needs a leader with the pedigree who can sustain and increase this trajectory. If you desire a town supervisor who will put this towns interest above his own, Steve Schultz will make you proud.”
Michael Trickey 
“We know Steve very well and are impressed with his intelligence, integrity, extraordinary breadth of information, and careful thinking. Steve is intelligently open-minded: we’ve seen him listen to new info, do the research, and revise his opinion - a process with wisdom and integrity, to which we also aspire. We think Henrietta would be in very good hands with him as Henrietta Town Supervisor”
Dr. Bill Destler and Dr. Rebecca Johnson 
"I have seen the heart and passion Steve Schultz has put into our community and I am confident his leadership qualities are exactly what Henrietta needs. Steve is a successful businessman, has strong credentials, and loves Henrietta.  He hopes to use these qualities to make Henrietta an ideal place to live, work, and bring up a family. Have your voice heard. Vote for Steve Schultz on November 7th."  
Congresswoman Louise M. Slaughter 

Trust • Transparency • Vision


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